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Argan Oil  (known as "Liquid Gold") is the most unique and rarest miracle and medicinal oil that offers various benefits. The most beneficial pure & organic oil contains most powerful ingredients that help protect your skin, repair damaged hair, heal various skin problems, helps you reduce wrinkles, and reduces acne problems, premature aging problems.
-The Active compound in Argan oil known as triterpenoids offers amazing Argan oil Benefits that includes skin protection benefits. This element in Argan oil not only provides solutions for inflammatory and bacterial problems but also supports scar and tissue healing and repair also. 80 percent of Morracan oil or Argan oil contains unsaturated-fatty-acids, which are exceptionally opposed to oxidation. It also has various elements like sterolins that reduces inflammation, improve skin-metabolism, and support moisture retention.


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Product Form Oil
Packaging Round glass bottle
Certification FDA, MSDS, HALAL, BFAD Approved
Content Volume 3.5cm L x 3.5cm W x 5.5cm H at 15g as packed
Key Ingredients
Base Plant Argan Extract
Other Essences

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